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Helpful Hints

Diameter of Stream   Gallons    Cubic Feet  Cubic Meters

 1/4"                  1,181,500           158,000                4,475

3/16                    666,000             89,031                2,521

1/8                      296,000             37,400               1,115

1/16                      74,000               9,850                  280

U.S. Equivalent

1 oz = 8 fl drams

Pint = 16 fl oz

Quart = 2 pints

Gallon = 4 quarts


How do I check for a leak?

The best method for determining whether a leak exists is to take a meter reading. This method checks the entire plumbing system. Just take a reading before you go to bed or when you are going to be gone for several hours, then take another reading after that period. In theory, the reading should be the same. If they are different and you can not account for use by a humidifier, ice-maker, toilet flush, or a water softener, you may have a leak, and you need to investigate.

From our experience, large portions of residential leaks are found at the toilet tank. Toilet leak at the bottom of the tank around the flapper plug or at the top of the tank at the overflow pipe. To check the flapper plug, turn the water off to the toilet and make a mark at the waterline. Check it in a half hour. If you have a problem with the overflow pipe, measure the water level; it should be 1" below the overflow pipe. If not, adjust the level until correct. You can check a leak by putting a few drops of food coloring in the back of the tank.  If there is a leak present, the water will seep into the bowl. usually within a few minutes. Another way to check for a leak is to put power in the back of the tank. If a leak is present, the power will swirl and it will look like a tornado. Be sure to do a monthly leak inspection. When going on a vacation, always shut off the valves to your toilets and washing machine; its also a good idea to flip the breaker on your hot water heater, so, if the water is off for any length of time it will not burn out your heating element.

If you have any questions, need additional help or technical assistance, please feel free to contact us at (270) 527-3208 during regular office hours. In case of an emergency, use the same number and leave a message and an operator will return your call as soon as he or she possibly can.